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We make high quality Stainless Steel Drums and Barrels

Stainless Steel Open Top Drums

Welcome to Drum Systems.

Drum Systems specialise in the design and manufacture of stainless steel drums, barrels and in drum handling systems.

Our high quality stainless steel drums and barrels are ideal for use in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and other hygienic industries.

Our stainless steel open top drums have many features that make them ideal for use as processing and product handling containers.
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Drum Systems manufacture a complete range of open top stainless steel drums, barrels and accessories. Our extensive range of accessories includes: drum blenders, drum hoists, top hats, discharge cones and funnels, trolleys, tippers etc.

We usually manufacture our stainless steel drums and barrels from from either 316L or 304 stainless steel but if you require a different grade of stainless steel please contact our 'Special Orders Department'.

All stainless steel drums, barrels and accessories can be polished to any standard including electropolishing.

If your valuable products require a high quality stainless steel container then you need to contact Drums Systems.

Stainless Steel Drums and Cones
Stainless Steel Cones
  Stainless Steel Pallet Truck with a Stainless Steel Pallet and 200 liter Stainless Steel Drum
Stainless Steel Pallets
  Drum Blender blending a stainless steel drum
Drum Blenders