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Drum Hoists
Drum Hoists
Above: Drum Hoist with an inverted 100 litre stainless steel drum & cone

Drum Hoists are the modern approach to obtaining gravity feed systems. Simply raise and invert the stainless steel drum above the inlet of the next processing machine.Drum Systems have a number of Dust Containment Systems to prevent the creation of dust (and the loss of product). Drum Hoists are individually designed and constructed around a modular components. This way you get the hoist you need without guaranteed reliability.

We have over 350 installations just in the UK and Ireland*.

Drum Hoist with a Stainless Steel Drum & Cone
Dust Free loading using a Drum Hoist and stainless steel drum
  • Stainless steel column
  • Any height up to 17m
  • Suitable for lifting any size stainless steel drum
  • Slew column around vertical axis
  • Invert drum to empty
  • Full safety interlocks
  • ATEX (Ex) rated on request
  • CE mark
  • Customised to suit your exact application
  • Contact us for full details
*Hoists are supplied installed by Drum Systems sister company Pharmatech. Please ask for a reference list.


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