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Top Hats

Stainless Steel Top Hat

250L Top Hat
Note: fitted with optional handles to aid manual handling
  • Provides the extra space required for efficient blending
  • Available to suit all sizes of drums
  • 316L stainless steel construction
  • Clamp in place of the standard drum lid
  • Crevice Free Interior
  • Contact us for full details

Why use a Top Hat?
A Top Hat allows a drum to be filled to the brim. This makes the best use of the drum's storage capacity. It also limits the amount of oxygen in the drum and so can help to reduce product degradation. In order to blend efficiently the product needs to be able to move.

What volume Top Hat do I need?
Top Hats normally have a volume of about half the drum volume. Eg: Use a 100L Top Hat with a 200L drum

Above: 500L drum with a 250L Top Hat being
blended on an MB1200A blender


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