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Vaccine Containers -
Vaccines and sterile liquids require a high quality container. The SteriCan has been specially designed for the safe storage and transport of high quality liquids. SteriCans are made from 316L stainless steel as standard but can manufactured from special alloys such as C22 Hastelloy if required. Your products are too valuable to compromise and that is why SteriCans are individually designed and constructed to meet your exact requirements. Each SteriCan is individually numbered and is provided with its own set of validation documentation.

Can you afford not to use a SteriCan?


Stericans are ideal containers for handling vaccines and sterile liquids
Stainless steel Stericans

Top of SteriCan
Top of a SteriCan showing inlet, outlet and vent

Stainless Steel SteriCan
Top of a SteriCan showing inlet, outlet and vent

SteriCan Features

  • Special containers for transporting vaccines and sterile liquids
  • GMP correct 316L stainless steel construction
  • Ultra high quality internal finish
  • Electro-polished on request
  • Full documentation for your peace of mind
  • Special designs and sizes on request
  • These containers have been subjected to the UN drop test
  • Contact us for full details
Sterile Liquids Container
Removing the inner lid from a SteriCan
Cross section through a SteriCan
Cross section through a SteriCan


Download the SteriCan brochure
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Note: SteriCans are manufactured by Drum Systems sister company Pharmatech




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